What is Social Proof?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Promo And Social Proof?

ClickINQ Is A Website And Program Built For Readers and Writers.

Yes, ClickINQ was created so writers, like you, can easily build social proof on the behemoth digital retailer, Amazon. Are you ready to grow your readership!? Let me show you how it works:

Deliver to the readers

ClickINQ is nothing fancy, and it’s definitely not complicated. The reader chooses the preferred genre, and we get the books to the reader. Once the book is read, the reader grades it, it's that simple. We are all about giving the reader what they want, and while ClickINQ is on promotion, there's no risk of wasted money.

What if they don't want to grade

That's the culture we're looking for. We want our readers to do the least amount of work, while our writers still get the most benefit. It is so simple to grade the reads that as long as you read through the entire book, it’s literally one click away. Slide to the end and it prompts for the rating, leaving little room for any confusion or getting lost and leaving before grading!

Get Best-Selling Books at Bargain Prices in your Inbox! Just Leave a Review.

Enter your email, select your genre, wait for your books

Generate Reviews

We do that and give books away...

What do readers really see first?

We all know how we venture through Amazon. Cover, title, star count. It's very, very simple. Before readers even get to the blurb, they've given your star count attention. The crazy thing is, they read it without even realizing it was there. Poof, you're judged, this is how we counter that. 

Book promotions are great but they're costly

Bookbub charges upwards of $500, depending on genre, and you need at least 10 positive reviews to even qualify! You need to qualify to give them $500!

Is it really that easy to leave a review?

Take a kindle, swipe to the end, what happens.  Your prompted to leave a star review and even if Amazon gave your book away, it still shows as a verified purchase, which is gold standard for reviews. 

There has to be a catch, there has to be

There's not! I've just personally spent hundreds of dollars on book promotions, and realized there has to be a better way. This is what I came up with. I think it's fair, pushing a button for a free story. If you're an author reading this, make sure the story is good, the stars work in all directions...

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Are reviews that important?

As someone who writes, and has run promotions in the past, they are the single greatest piece of social proof there is. Instagram followers, likes on Facebook, countless different promotions, social proof does outweigh them all. In the end, Amazon has the customer base and the readership, and those stars are their seal of approval.

What do you specialize in?

Simple, if your an author, let us know when your book is on promotion.  We'll make sure it goes out to a list that's interested in that genre.  The agreement is that they get the promo deal set up for them in exchange for a star review

What does this cost?

Right now there's no cost to author or reader, the sign-up is appreciated and it serves the indie author community.  Everyone wins with free books and reviews 

Is there a limit to uploads?

Not at the moment.  I want to sort out the timing of promotion and provide a quality email list so most of the running of this operation will be to pull in people that just want to read.

Is this a membership?

Nope, no agreement necessary.  We'll try our best while we're new to get the readership up so that your promo can find a home and get itself stamped for approval on amazon

What reader devices do you support?

Only Amazon. I've toyed with the idea of Kobo, BN, and iBooks, but right now I think Amazon really is the elephant in the room

Need To Know MORE About What ClickINQ Can Do For You?

Grow your readership to people new to you

Create and grow your email list and make your readers your readers

Run specials just for your readers like special boxsets

Make it profitable to keep on writing


I solemnly swear that I'm up to...wait, no, that's not it...that I will review what I read.  I made it easy, the genre bullets are on every page, just pick the ones you like.  No need for extra emails.

The Best Part? It Cost Nothing!

clickINQ Does Not Charge Any Reader Services